Owen praises Arsenal mentally stronger than before

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Owen praises Arsenal mentally stronger than before.

Former England striker Michael Owen has lauded Arsenal for being able to return to the top of the Premier League and believes they are mentally stronger than they were in recent years.

The Gunners Just lost the first game of the season. In a visit to Manchester United at Old Trafford two weeks ago. And was overtaken by Manchester City lead the crowd on Saturday. Pass after defeat Wolverhampton Go without difficulty 3-0

However, Mikel Arteta led Arsenal to a successful return to the top of the Premier League when they moved three points above Brentford on Sunday. Which Owen has said based on what happened. This rise has shown that the big guns have a stronger mentality than ever before.

“I was probably one of the first to speak out about their limp a few years ago and of course they have always been, but now they seem to have grown a lot. Even though the team is full of young players.”

“The performance in this game compared to last year can call a different class. When we look at the past programs It seems to be something they like. They managed to win in their first five games and, facing their first major test at Manchester United, they didn’t let themselves go. It was just a stumble.”

“It was very important that they were able to get back on the road to victory and that they did. and returned to the top of the table There were still some big trials to follow as they had a great start. But the confidence is growing and they are growing,” Owen said.