Carragher reveals what makes Liverpool

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Carragher reveals what makes Liverpool still have a chance to win the Premier League.

Jamie Carragher believes his former club Liverpool still in contention for the 2022-2023. Premier League title despite a poor start, according to UFABET.

Although last season Jurgen Klopp led the team to four concurrent title contenders, this season the Reds have started poorly in their first six games with just nine. points and sits 8th in the table, nine points behind the Arsenal team.

However, Carragher still believes the German boss will be able to bring the team back to win the championship again. On the condition that they must return to show good form in a row as well.

“They are still no doubt contenders for the Premier League title. But there must be a turning point which requires more than just one game. In the past, Liverpool have been in poor form in 5-6 games.

“The game against Ajax was the Liverpool form of Jurgen Klopp. But I think they needed more than just one good game.”

“You have to wait four or five more games to see if they can get back on track with the title race. But it’s good to see them come back and put on some great performances in the past games,” Carragher said.