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Big teams in battle English premier league football Arsenal youngster Ethan Nwanery has keeping a close eye on the situation as the 15-year-old recently record a new record as the youngest player to play in English premier league history.

The 15-year-old made history as the youngest player in the elite league when he was sent off by Mikel Arteta in the Gunners ‘ 3-0 win over Brentford. Sunday September 18

Nvaneri was sent off in stoppage time replace Fabio Vieira. While the game was already absent, with the Gunners’ 15-year, 181-day record breaking Harvey Ellia’s previous record. At 16, 30, the date he was made with Fulham in 2019. Nvanery also became the first player under 16 to feature in the Premier League

Point out that the shin The Gunners Has closely watched by both Manchester City , Manchester United and Liverpool. Which is why he has sent an official debut in the top league already. While the game was already absent, with the Gunners’ 15-year. To reassure the 25-year-old he is part of Arteta’s long-term plans.

Nwanieri has played for the Gunners at all ages. Having only made his U18 debut last year and debute in the Premier League Two. last month Including being in the England national team under-16 and under-17 already