Kao Ka cards, a card game that is not only good

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Kao Ka cards, a card game that is not only good.

We also need good luck that is good enough for good cards to fall into our hands. But do you know that now? online casino He has two nine card games for us to play. And let me tell you that it’s a very fun game. Because the game can flip at any time. Anyone who is psychology or who likes to play poker, this is it. So let’s go look at UFABET the details.

What is a Nine-Ke card?

Kao Ka cards were originally cards that were popularly play at home base events like other cards such as Pok Deng, Somsip, etc., Because the equipment used was just 1 deck of cards and 2-6. Other players would be enough. Playing is similar to poker in that it uses psychology to lure players together to discard some cards and give up. However, these types of cards are adapt to suit the play of each location. Some play pure luck, others outsmart. But in the end, the player with the most points or the last person to survive will become the only winner.

What kind of games can Kao Ke play?

Most people who are new to the Nine-Ke card might think that it can only be played in one way, which is to use 3 cards to decide the outcome, but in fact, it can be played in up to 3 different ways as follows:

  • Nine cards, 4 players are dealt 2 cards. Each first and then open the other 2 cards face up on the table as a central. The player’s duty is to use the cards in their hand to choose from 2 cards to mix with any one of them. Face up on the table to measure points. which players can use how to plan their play as well
  • Three-card nine-card, each player is dealt 3 cards and the result is immediately measure. This is the easiest way to play. use the most luck Whoever gets good cards has a chance to win. Whoever gets bad cards must exert a bit of force.
  • Kao Ka 2 cards can consider as a form. That requires both luck and skill. That is, players are dealt 2 cards each and then place bets. Then get another card for each person in the next round and then place bets to compete again It’s tricky, but it’s the most popular style.