5 Fish Shooting Game Tricks Online

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Fish Shooting Game Tricks Online You can start by ทางเข้า UFABET. Can attract a lot of players with the game Free fish shooting game for real money making it possible to join in the fun through the application or via the web Mobile fish shooting games and pc fish shooting games are easy.

  1. Shooting fish or how to shoot special bonus fish. That swim across the screen. When they reach the edge of the screen. If the same fish swims back will consider not the same fish. That the player use to shoot or simply called Restart the count of one shot. In this case, have the player project his shot at the fish. Especially the fish that the player has lock in to the target. Start shooting when the fish swims early to increase the time and chance of winning by up to 80%.
  2. Shooting fish of the same type has different stamina levels. For example, some beginner fish are very easy to die, some are very hard to die. In this case, let the player sit and count the bullets that the player shot the locked fish. If you feel that the fish that use to shoot it use to die easily. Then the players shoot fish , the old style feel like dying too hard Think that the fish must be a dead eye. Immediately avoid the fish and star again. And most importantly, calculate the cost of ammunition fired with the results that follow. Will allow players to maintain a lot of capital ever
  3. Boss fish shooting game is the fish with the highest bonus and pay rate. The boss fish is more special than the small fish in that. When the boss fish come. There will be a notification that the boss fish is about to enter the player’s scene. When all players swarm the fish boss, if the fish boss does not die and leaves the scene. In the case of the same boss fish (repeat the same one), the player can continue to shoot. Because the specialty of the boss is Will the same boss. That the player use to shoot the first round. In case of encountering a boss fish for players. To use Special projectiles and assist function items to finish the boss as quickly as possible. The most important thing in letting the boss fish die quickly is that all players help each other shoot the boss fish. If shooting alone is definitely not worth it.
  4. Fish shooting game system There is a system to prevent cheating programs. Players can therefore not use the cheat program. in order to change points or bullet strength (cheat)
  5. Special guns Players can use special guns only if they follow the rules of that fish shooting game .